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Elite Series

  • Elite Series - Pro

    Elite Series - Pro

    *Shown with TiCN CT helix and TiCN 440C foil blade


    Corporate branding and gifting:  Corporate branding is available for orders of 10 plus units. More Information >

    The Elite Series PRO model features a single piece stainless alloy body which is extremely strong and corrosion resistant. The new modular design allows for easy removal and swapping out of components such as new replacement blades and helix but it also allows for adjustment of each of the moving actions to be tuneable to your own personal preference. If a stronger than the standard spring action is desirable on the helix then you can adjust it.

    The new pointed slide-out knife blade can be removed for sharpening or upgraded without tools and features a positive locking mechanism which locks the blade in or out as required. And one of the best things about this new blade design is the ability to easily upgrade the blade when new materials and designs become available. Foil blade is precision machined from solid 440C knife stainless and heat treated to hardness of 60 on the Rockwell hardness C scale. (HRC60)

    The Code38 elite series has been so named because of the no compromise approach to the design and materials used. Our first Code38 model utilised 316 stainless steel for the body which proved to be a good choice but found it dented and marked when accidentally dropped onto concrete and tiled floors. The chassis on the elite series is amazingly resilient to impacts and in testing we’ve literally thrown test units from one end of the production studio to the other with the result being no more than slight scuffing of the surface texture. The Titanium and Stainless alloys used in the elite series have proven to be extremely tough and corrosion resistant making them perfect for hospitality.

    More information on each of the Elite Series design elements visit the design detail page.

    Industry comments

    "Having used the previous iteration of the Code38, I was very interested to see what Jeff was working upon in this latest model. Its light weight design still retains a feeling of security and assurance in the wine knife, whilst the new design foil cutter is absolutely great and incredibly precise. I look forward to seeing the final product up and running shortly!" Matthew Lamb, Head Sommelier, Vue du Monde, Melbourne, Australia.

    "All the major features that we loved from the previous model but more! Slick design and ultra lightweight means you can put it in your inner suit pocket, the unnoticeable weight means the approach to opening that bottle in front of guests is done seamlessly and in great style. The pull tap is easy and more accurate than the first model. The blade itself has the smoothest action I've used and the cut is super clean and precise......this is the Al Capone of wine knives....its gangster!" - Kabir Antoniak, Head Sommelier and Restaurant Manager, The Source, Mona, Tasmania, Australia.

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    Elite Series - ProElite Series - ProElite Series - Pro
    Elite Series - ProElite Series - ProElite Series - Pro
    Elite Series - Pro

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    Elite Series - Pro
    *Discounts apply for 5+ units


    Font option (1) $35
    Font option (2) $35
    Font option (3) $35
    No engraving $0
    Blade & Helix Option
    TiCN helix and blade $55
    Stainless helix and blade $0
    Engraving Text

    Total $530.00

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