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  • P-Type Pro

    P-Type Pro
    We will be closed from December 23rd through to January 27th 2021. Last order date for orders to be shipped in 2020 is December 10 2020

    Heavy Duty for Professionals

    New for 2020, the P-Type Pro wine-knife features a compact form factor with minimalist design to give you a unique and sexy way to open wine. When you hold this new design you will immediately understand it's purposeful design. It's weight and balance give a great sense of confidence when removing the most challenging of corks, and the silky action of the blade and helix will be a constant reminder of the exacting standards to which this professional tool has been made.
    The 304 designation refers to the grade of stainless steel used for the main chassis which has a beautiful weight in the hand. Once machined and polished, the chassis is texturally finished using a double ceramic bead blast process. The P-Type foil blade is precision machined from solid 440C knife stainless and hardened to HRC60, while the lifter is made in the same super tough 17-4PH stainless steel used in the Elite Series. A custom polished conical-tapered (CT) helix is standard equipment on all Code38 professional models. 

    Note: The P-Type Pro is designed and engineered for high workload professional wine service. 

    Key features


    - Code38 custom conical-tapered helix.
    - Precision cnc machined foil blade.
    - Refined pivot design and spring actions.
    - Interchangeable and replaceable helix and foil blade.
    - Over-engineered design and construction.
    - Compact modern design.

    Message from Sören Polonius of Swesomm

    In order to become the best, one must work with the best tools available. Working with one my self, the choice were quite obvious. Code 38 is one of the “small details” that we have to work with, in order to give us a small advantage, and keeping us one step ahead of the rest.

    In the words of Aristotle; "We are what we repeatedly do"

    Excellence, therefore, is not an act, but a habit”.

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    P-Type Pro

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    P-Type Pro
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