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Code38 models

  • Elite Series Tuning Kit

    Elite Series Tuning Kit

    The Code38 Elite Series wine knife has been designed to be fine tuned by the owner to best suit their personal preferences and style. In addition the helix/spiral and foil blade may be easily replaced or upgraded as and if required without the need to return the corkscrew.

    The tuning kit includes the following:

    • Replacement Helix/Spiral
    • Replacement foil blade (Second Generation)
    • Bellville spring set for replacing the standard helix action spring
    • Foil blade adjustment ball x 2
    • Helix spring capsule adjustment key
    Select between stainless steel or black TiCN coated finish
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    Elite Series Tuning Kit

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    Elite Series Tuning Kit
    *Discounts apply for 5+ units


    *Helix and blade finish
    Stainless Steel $0
    TiCN PVD coated $40

    Total $45.00

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