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The Code 38 waiters friend is, by far, the most elegant, functional and reliable wine knife I have ever used.  It's strong, beautifully designed and has great weight and balance. The precise nature of the spiral is very noticeable as it drives into the cork easily and works exceptionally well on older corks.
On a busy night we will open a lot of wine and it makes the job easier when you can be using such a professional piece of equipment. Anyone who is opening wine as a profession should be using one… The code38 wine knife is a must have tool which is going to last you a lifetime.

Lindsay Carr, Restaurant Assiette & District Dining AUS

“The code38 Wine knife is great. It does all the tricks, has great balance and feel and looks beautiful too! All boxes ticked! What more could you want.”

Neil Perry, Rockpool Group AUS

I have been using the Code-38 for about six months, and my other corkscrews are gathering dust! The Code-38 is very solid in the hand, extremely well made and works beautifully. The screw is long enough towork effectively with Bordeaux corks and the positioning of the lever makes removing even the toughest corks a breeze. They'll bury me with this one in my pocket.

Darrin Siegfried, President, The Sommelier Society of America USA

"The Code38 wine knife is now my go to wine knife.  Working the bar in an extremely busy 5th Avenue New York restaurant at a 5 diamond hotel, I must have a tool that is efficient and looks as good as my surroundings. There has obviously been a great amount of thought put into the design of this wine opener. It feels great in the hand offering perfect balance, has smooth movement of all moving parts, and works flawlessly with all types of corks and bottles. I am thrilled to have found this wine opener and encourage any sommelier, barman, server, or wine lover to get your hands on one.  You'll never turn back."

Richard Mallam, Le Caprice, The Pierre Hotel US

“In my opinion the Code38 wine Knife has beaten the Laguiole at its own game. The Code 38 Wine Knife with Titanium nitrate handle is a stunning piece of equipment, beautifully designed and stunning to hold and use.”

Huon Hooke, Wine Journalist and Judge AUS

“The Code38 is like no other knife I have used before. It holds many of the features but none of the faults of many wine knives which are rife in our global wine community. From the moment you pick one up, you feel the balance, the weight, and quality.

One of the greatest assets a sommelier has is confidence on the floor and with Code 38 in hand, you stand ahead of the pack.The simplicity of the mechanism belies it’s complicated design process, and does not do any justice to the work behind the work of wine knife assembly and design.

All I can recommend is hold a Code 38 wine knife and try it! The only thing left is enjoying the wine!!”

Ben Moechtar, Delicado Wines AUST

“The Code38 is a beautifully engineered wine knife. Its sophisticated design is not only visually attractive but its solid weight and balance in the hand gives superb leverage and feel.

The corkscrew has good length and the blade is clean and curved. Unlike other ‘waiters friends’ I have used, its mechanisms are well-sprung and move with impressive ease. These important elements synchronise, making the Code 38 a pleasure to use.

With the reassurance of a lifetime guarantee, this is not only a fine instrument to work with, but a luxury piece for those who appreciate style and functionality in design.”

Sophie Otton, Head Sommelier, Rockpool Bar & Grill AUST

"Not only is the code38 the best wine key in the world but it also the most efficient. A Sommeliers dream…"

Rajat Parr, Wine Director, Mina Group USA
Categorically the finest corkscrew I have ever used. Nothing comes close. It is the essential piece of high spec kit for the determined wine lover. It's also the only wine related 'boy's toy' I have ever truly desired!

Matthew Jukes, Wine Journalist UK

“Over twenty years of experience in the hospitality industry, often at the pinnacle of fine dining, has taught me that tools made from quality materials and designed with care, make all the difference. As a former chef, I have also learned to appreciate efficiency in each action made during service. The Code 38 wine knife, with it’s sleek design and intelligent construction allows for smooth, easy opening with the added bonus of an elegant aesthetic. Impressive in both form and function, I would recommend the Code38 for sommeliers and servers alike.”

Adam Irwin, St Elmo AUS

I received my Code38 the night before I left for an event at which I was pouring in Los Angeles, so I brought it along for a test run. I work for a Winery in Paso Robles, on the Central Coast of California, and as the Winery's Sommelier and Wine Educator I often do winemaker type events where we pour and talk about our wines. At this event, we had a group of 70 people so I needed to open about 20 bottles quickly and I was very impressed with the Code38's silky action and ease of use.

Its outstanding looks, quality of design and execution of manufacture make it the finest wine key I have ever seen or used. There are so many wine keys on the market and most of them are either cheap throwaways, or some sort of precious museum pieces that are difficult to use and don't hold up over time. The Code38, however is a serious tool that is also a pleasure to use and admire.

My standard tool for the last three years has been an Italian wine key known as the Archimedes. It has served me well and I am still happy with it, especially for single handed operation, although I had to grind down the serrations on the blade a few years ago. Since using the Code38, however, my trusty Archimedes is now relegated to a position as a back-up! I look forward to using my new Code38 in the coming months and really putting it to the test. Congratulations on a job well done.

Jim Gerakaris, USA

As a former chef, I understand the importance of quality equipment. When a chef has great knives, it is a statement of passion and dedication to their art. If service professionals want to be taken seriously, they must have the same commitment to their craft. Code 38 Wine Knives are the perfect tool to express your passion and dedication.

I routinely open 30-80+ year old bottles of wine, and while my coworkers struggle, my ProStealth makes me look like a cork surgeon. I have used all the great wine openers on the market and Code 38 is the most functional, the most beautiful, and the most comfortable. It is one of my prized possessions, and I am proud every time I use it. If you consider yourself a wine professional, you deserve a Code 38.

Jack Wilkinson CSW
Waiter, Bern's Steak House, Tampa Florida

“During my time as Executive Sommelier and General Manager at Daylesford’s Lake House I was fortunate enough to be consulted at the infancy of Jeff’s project development of the code 38 wine knife. Along the near decade journey, I’ve received prototypes sent to me in all corners of the globe from Dubai to Hong Kong following the locations my career took me.

Now firmly relocated to Australia and starting a new wine focussed hospitality business in Regional Victoria, it is a pleasure to discover the completed product. Slick and sexy with hard forged steel, the appearance almost belies the fact it is a precision cork remover, with a life time guarantee if you don’t mind! But most importantly the code 38 wine knife has a beautiful even weight and balance in the hand – it feels like a quality item you want to use regularly.

We’ll be fitting out our team with them at Public Inn.”

Hayden Winch, Public Inn Daylesford AUST

Because of its extreme quality the Code38 is my tool of choice. It makes me very confident of a top performance every time. I love the way that with time you get to really understand how it works - it can do amazing things - like no other corkscrew I have ever come across. I bring it with me absolutely everywhere and it always impresses - it's just so cool to handle. I can't wait to have the Stealth Model.

David Stevens-Castro

"…here I must make a confession: I've actually really enjoyed wielding the corkscrew from time to time. Historically, my preferred wine weapon of choice is Laguiole (prices starting around $130) – which are hand–forged in the nether regions of France. My prized possession is a polished, finely–honed, bone example designed by none other than Philippe Starck. The only problem with it is that clearly M. Starck is no beer drinker: it is without a crown cap remover. One assumes too inelegant for inclusion on such a sensual device.

But then I discovered Code38: Aussie–designed, Aussie–forged wine knives, created by a former local Laguiole dabbler ( – prices starting at $225). They look great, feel great, and they out–smart Starck. These are more the Tony Starck designed weapons of IronMan; Hattori Hanzo Kill Bill steel versions of wine knives. They make drawing even the most fetid and fragile of natural corks an absolute joy. They may now even be personally inscribed to order at no extra charge. It's wine service engineering at its best…"

Tim White, Australian Financial Review, December 2011


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