The P-Type wine key -  Formed to fit your hand with an intuitive single-handed operation. A non-serrated foil blade makes for a super clean foil cut, and for the highest possible level of grip in the cork, a perfectly formed custom helix. Hardened cnc machined pivots and a single action mechanism create an efficient and seamless action for removing the most challenging of corks.

Made in Australia. The Code38 is produced in our environmentally friendly, solar powered production studio in Cullendore, New South Wales, and is just a short drive to one of Australia’s highest altitude, cool climate wine regions, the Granite Belt.

Our Model Range


P-Type Titanium - our top tier model featuring a chassis milled from a solid bar of pure grade titanium. Weighing in at a perfect 75 grams, it's both lightweight and incredibly strong. >>> 


P-Type Pro - heavy weight and heavy duty workhorse milled from solid stainless steel and fitted with our well proven CT helix. >>> 


P-Type Pro X - Like the Pro, the X model is heavy weight and heavy duty with the addition of a black titanium coated foil blade and polished titanium coated CT helix. >>> 


P-Type Stealth - heavy weight and heavy duty with black titanium coated main chassis, foil blade and precision conical tapered helix. >>>

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